Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yabu Experience

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

 I absolutely believe in this saying, don't you? 

That's why I treated my boyfriend at Yabu: House of Katsu (The First Authentic Japanese Katsu Restaurant in the Philippines)
 to celebrate Easter Sunday at Mega Atrium, SM Megamall. HAHA.

We haven't eaten there before but I heard a lot from my brother. He said they have the best tonkatsu ever! The sauce according to him, tastes awesome too.

You know guys that I recently had my first blog giveaway feat where I won 500worth of GC at Yabu. 

Since my boyfriend and I spent the holy week away from each other, and I think we all deserve a reward after abstaining from eating pork and chicken meat during the Lenten Season, Easter Sunday is the best time to use my GC and have a bountiful lunch with my love! 

It was Easter Sunday so we weren't surprised upon entering the store with crowded customers. Glad there were still unoccupied tables.

This was the view from where we seated. I kinda like it. It actually entertained me while we were waiting for our food.

Yabu's comical wall-divider. It tells the story of how to make a Tonaktsu.The spaces in between are  made transparent glasses so you could see the people on the extended part of their store.
Since it's our first time, Yabu staff Chay (I believe it's their Japanese translated name, not sure really!) cheerfully introduced us these:

My mortar and pestle! Grinding my sesame seeds for my sauce. :)
My boyfie ordered their famous Tonkatsu Set Meal. It comes with a cup of Japanese Rice topped with sesame, an unlimited shredded cabbage, fruits siding, and soup. 
 I decided to have Chicken Katsu Set so that we can taste different meals. Wise ba? LOL 
This goes the same with Tonkatsu.

Chicken Katsu is categorized as one of Yabu's Signatured dishes but I think Tonkatsu is waaaaay better.  The Chicken is so soft that it breaks when you prick it with your fork. For me, it tastes blunt that I almost exchanged my food with my boyfie! haha. 

The Tonkatsu is suuuuuuperb! It has a very distinct taste! No need to sauce it.

The soup and unlimited cabbage I liked!

As for their sesame sauce, I beg to differ with my brother. The sauce we put on our crushed sesame seeds was too salty, nothing special at all. I still prefer the Terriyaki and Oyster Sauce of Tokyo Tokyo. Maybe the fact that I am not  a sesame lover contributed to it.

I grabbed one unlimited iced tea, my boyfie preferred water, at all times. hahaha. I think the unlimited iced tea is sulit for Php 85.00.

 I ended up using spoon and fork. Chopsticks always make me lose my appetite for eating. LOL!

We were so full by the time we emptied our rice bowls! Burp! Burp!
You know that feeling when you're so bloated you can't manage to make a step? LOL

We took some photos before leaving the restaurant. LOL
Boyfie and me. :)
The supervisor bid us 'Thank you, come again!'
I will surely go back to YABU to taste their Jumbo Tiger Prawn Katsu Set!

1-10 (10 as the highest)

(Minus one for the Chicken Katsu and the sauce haha!)
(Good catch na din, less than a thousand for a heavy lunch for TWO for fine dining but desserts aren't included so I deducted 2. HAHA!) 
(I loved the place. :) Since it was Easter Sunday and our first time at Yabu and the staffs were really nice and warm!)

Follow Yabu: House of Katsu on twitter and like them on facebook! :)

~~~~OFF TOPIC~~~~

In exchange of my YABU treat, my boyfriend brought me to the Hunger Games movie. He knows I was dying to watch this movie because I've watched the trailer for so many times I knew I just couldn't miss it! Isn't he sweet? LOL! You now know girls the tactic huh? hahaha.

Hunger Games is such a great film! Oveeeeeer! Can't wait for the next parts! :)

We headed to the 6:30 Mass after to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and to  thank GOD for the never-ending blessings and LOVE. 

Triple Loves, 
♥♥♥ SunDMan ♥♥♥ 

P.S. This is the very first tummy experience I shared with you here, so please please show me some LOVE by sharing your thoughts and views. I would love  to hear from you! Feel free to leave me a comment. Lovelots! :)

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