Monday, April 30, 2012

My Secret Milieu: Secret Recipe

How are you doing guys? Just sharing my another sweet tooth experience with one of my favorite cafe-restaurants. I'm sooo happy that I discovered this sort-of-stealthy-place. :)

After watching a meaningful film at the Mind Museum, my boyfie and I headed out at Secret Recipe to have supper. It's only a walk away from The Mind Museum but we decided to take a cab instead. I'd love to take a walk along the tranquil streets of Fort Bonifacio under the stars and the moon of love but feeling worn-out, my feet cannot manage to take more steps. Thanks to my boyfie for being so understanding.

This is not my first to time to eat in this branch. We actually celebrated our pre-valentines date there last February. hehe. The only difference this time is I am taking a closer look with their foods and place and I am sharing my experience to all of you!

As far as I can recall, it was around 9PM when we entered Secret Recipe and I wasn't surprised that there's no one dining in. Na-aa, don't get me wrong, it's because it's quite late already and even if there's no one dining in, there were still some customers who dropped by inside the resto to buy some cakes. :) I think the place is perfect for those who want to have an intimate and private dining experience, highly recommended for lovers, close friends, get-togethers or even rendezvous.

Let me call the place, 'My Secret Millue'.  

I call it the 'Halloween' chandelier which I can say, added 
an elegant touch to the restaurant.

The place as well as the staffs are very warm and welcoming. The place looks so invigorating and stylish with the red and white color combination interior. Table and chairs are properly sited. It's so quiet that I thought it's a perfect place for a marriage proposal with that slice of sweet and delightful cheesecake your girlfriend wouldn't afford to say NO.

To cut it short, here's what our hungry tummy were filled with that night! 

Our appetizer, Beef Lasagna!

Oh yes, my boyfriend loves pastas and pizza. :)

Grilled BBQ Chicken

No need to ask, mine is the BBQ Chicken while Dawn gotta try out the spice of Black Pepper Chicken for our main course. The serving w/c comes with a garden salad suits the price, each serving can actually be good for two persons. I didn't taste much of the pepper chicken but I can tell the chicken is tender and it's sizzling hot [because of the pepper]! My grilled chicken on the other hand is okay, enjoyable with their 'secret bbq sauce' as stated in their menu. Though I can tell it's made out of tomato. The sauce is too tasty and sweet that it has a tendency to exceed your appetite. Based on these, I assume their carte de jour is primarily Thai Cuisine. 

ONION Lover!
Yiiiz! I snatched Dawn's onion on his plate. He doesn't like onions while I sooooo love them! Don't you know onions have health benefits as well? They are good for our heart and can actually help reduce cancer risks. So grab that onions and eat even without cooking! 

Time for my sweet tooth! You know my favorite part is always the dessert. hahaha!

Leaving the resto without having a spoonful of their cake is a BIG NO-NO.  This is my all-time favorite, Secret Recipe's OREO CHEESECAKE! I can eat a whole lot of this one. hahaha! You gotta try this one guys, I am telling you. :) Oh well, even their Fresh Cream Cakes are lovable too!

I'll keep coming back for more.  And I am surely sharing it with you again! Big thanks to Secret Recipe for the delightful dining experience and to my love for making me such a spoiled girlfie. ♥♥♥

1-10 [10 as the highest]
Food: 9
[Because of the too tangy thing. :)]
Pocket-Wise: 10 
[We spent less than a thousand for a complete set of meal with appetizers and dessert. Good catch! We only cashed out less than Php600 since we have a 300 worth of GC Dawn received during their Valentine Promo. :)]
Tummy Experience: 10
[The cake made it PERFECT!]
A popular chain of cafe-restaurant in over 9 countries with more than 250 outlets to date! Serving a wide variety of Western Best Sellers to Asian Classic Entrees, a complete line of hot/cold beverages, and a rich selection of cheesecakes and fresh cream cakes!

Learn more about Secret Recipe including their on-going promos and discounts!
Facebook: Secret Recipe | Manila
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Try it yourself!
Level 5 Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Level 4, Robinsons Place Manila Midtown
Level 2 SM Megamall Atrium
Level 1-32nd and 5th Bldg., Fort Bonifacio- my favorite branch!
Triple Loves,

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