Monday, April 16, 2012

Be A SUNDAE PAL this Summer!

Thinking on how you could turn your kids' vacation into something worthwhile? Enroll them to a summer fun-filled activity like SUNDAE PALS of Swensen's!

Register your kids at the SUNDAE PALS, The Ultimate Summer Experience of Swensen's Philippines!

OPEN to children AGES 5-14!

This activity will run for one week per EACH Batch. Feel free to choose from the ff. date and time: 

2:00-5:00 PM
BATCH 1: APRIL 23 to 27
BATCH 2: APRIL 30 to MAY 4
BATCH 3: MAY 7 to 11
BATCH 4: MAY 14 to 18

11:00-2:00 PM
BATCH 5: MAY 21 to 25

BATCH 6: MAY 21 to 25

What's in store for the kids?

-FREE Swensen's Ice Cream
-Swensen's Exclusive Starter Kit:
Swensen's Visor
-a kid-friendly training on how to wash their hands and basic service
-authentic certificates from Swensen's Philippines
-fun games and nice servers to guide them all through out.
-the ULTIMATE SUNDAE EXPERIENCE and how we serve it to our customers

Feel free to ask the store supervisor for more details!
Registration forms are available inside!

Simply leave a message at their facebook page Swensen's Philippines for more information

Download this online registration form, print it and submit to Swensen's MOA!

HOW I WISH I am still a kiddo. Geeeez! I'd love to come to summer activities like this! With FREE Swensen's Ice Cream! Haha. So irresistible and tempting! haha!

I bet your kids will surely enjoy this! What are you waiting for? Give your kids a SUMMER TREAT! :)

Oh by the way, they're on twitter too, @SwensensPH!

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