Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yummy Eats 2012!

Yummy, the modern food magazine brings anew the most eminent
 and coveted food affair in town!
Yummy Eats 2012!

An Eating & Cooking Fair where you can discover and savor yummy food finds, learn new recipes and meet chefs and fellow foodies!

This is the first food event that I am going to attend to ever since I started "The Sunshine Food" Blog. Thanks to my office mate Robert for telling me about this event last month. Yes, I've been waiting for this for quite long! hahaha. Now we're two days away to experience and explore the yummy world of various food staples and I just can't hide my excitement!

Here are some of the concessionaires who will be launching something 'NEW' on their menus! Exclusive in Yummy Eats!

Click HERE to see the participating concessionaires to the highly anticipated
 food affair in town!
Back issues of your favorite food mag, Yummy, will also be available there!
Admission Fee is Php150

But wait, there's more!

If you bring your May 2012 Issue of Yummy, you can enter the world of yummy foods for only Php100! So better grab your copy now sweeties!
 See you on May 26, 2012, Saturday,
The Rockwell Tent, Plaza Garden, Rockwell Center!

I couldn't find a better way to end the summer season than attending Yummy Eats! I can feel my sweet tooth and appetite getting jumpy for Saturday! Yaaaay! Hope to see ya there!

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