Monday, May 14, 2012

Brunch at Red Ribbon

Late post!

Dawn, my boyfriend, was too eager to watch The Avengers because he’s been hearing a lot  how great the movie is from his colleagues. Well, me too! Hahaha. But my lips were zipped and I was acting like I don’t care much when in fact I was so itching to watch it too! Otherwise, I’ll be the one to treat him to movie. (Another pointer girls! Take note of that. Hahaha!)
We met up in our favorite movie place, Ayala Cinema at Trinoma. Trinoma is where we usually meet because it's accessible for both of us. Since we hadn’t had our breakfast yet and it’s already around 11:00AM, we looked for a place where we could have our brunch after purchasing our tickets. We still have 30 minutes to pig out. Our feet brought us at Red Ribbon to feed our hungry tummies before hitting the movie house.

I love bangus so I chose Red Ribbon’s Daing na Bangus with Garlic while Dawn opted to Pork Liempo. I love my food choice that day. The sweet tang of Boneless Bangus and the garlic toppings of it gave a balance taste. And ohhhhh, the atsara (shredded green papaya) tastes awesooome too with the vinegar! Perfect! Smooth-eating because it's boneless! I think it's been more than a year already since I last dined in at Red Ribbon. Even during college, their Bangus is always my favorite and I just missed it a lot! 

Sadly, Dawn wasn’t satisfied with what he ordered. Haha! He was too starving that the few pieces of pork liempo weren’t enough to fill in his tank. Being a sweet girlfriend, I gave him almost half of my bangus and rice. Poor boyfie! Hahahaha! How looked so cute!

When you hear the words Red Ribbon the first thing that comes in our mind is CAKE. You know well the drill sweeties! Hahaha. Time for my sweet tooth!
Our meal comes with a slice of cake. I upgraded mine to Ultimate Chocolate for additional Php20. Dawn chose the Mocha? Choco Mocha? Forgot the name!
Ultimate Chocolate
I love those little choco kisses! Is it better than the Triple Chocolate? Well, I think so. But still, both of them aren't good for indulging, for me. And of course, this one is better than what Dawn had. 

I'll search for the name of this slice! 
Why do I look disappointed here? HAHA! I'm doing my best to  all of them. Leaving even just a single bite on my plate hurts me a lot. LOL

I hate seeing left-overs especially with desserts. I always try to finish my plate, one thing that I also keep on telling to Dawn. It's how I discipline myself [weh?], seriously! If I know I cannot swallow everything then I have to grab just the right amount and choose which not to take even if I wanted to taste everything! Unfortunately this time, Dawn wasn't able to clean up his saucer. He didn't like the cake much because according to him, it's kinda 'nakakaumay' daw. Or simply because he's not into sweet foodies.

I tried saving his cake but I'm bloated, if I insisted, I might ended up puking all of what I've  just gobbled.

By the way, my sweet boyfie Dawn surprised me with this...
Dark Chocolate M&M's
It got me throughout the day! HAHA! He knows well how to tame me. LOL. We went straight to the movie house and got amazed with The Avengers. I was glad that the film was almost highlighted by Ironman. Robert Downey Jr. has always been my favorite actor [well, aside from Johnny Depp]. HAHA.♥

Also, here's a quick look on what I wore that day. Since it's teeming hot, I had a white, sort of dress, blouse and my favorite cream skirt for a refreshing look. 
Inverted Triangle Necklace

Necklace: Personalized Accessories, Top: Genevieve Gozum, Skirt: Gifted, Shoes: Primadonna

1-10 [10 as the highest]
Food: 9
[Deducted 1 for the left-over cake and for the 'nakakaumay' taste of Dawn's Cake]
Pocket-Wise: 10
[We spent less than 300 for 2 full meals with dessert and drinks. Sulit!]
Tummy Experience: 8
[The experience was okay!]

Have a great day ahead sweeties! Keep up the good vibes! ♥

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